Choose Floss or Floss pick?

A floss pick is a small plastic tool that has a piece of floss attached to the curved end. The Floss is the traditional, there are plenty of varieties of it. There’s waxed and unwaxed floss as well, also they have the different flavored types on the market now.

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Floss or Floss picks, what do you like to use? Which one is better?

Some one thinks floss picks are not as effective as floss. Floss can reach all the angles which toothbrush can not reach. The traditional floss has the flexibility to conform, bend, and wrap, so you can more effectively clean around the curves and other irregularities of your teeth.

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Other one thinks floss picks can be a very effective way to clean your teeth. You can use the floss picks like traditional floss and make sure each area between your teeth is flossed properly. One of main advantages of a floss pick is that you don’t have to fuss with gripping a long piece of floss. The tool’s design is easy to handle, making it a whole lot simpler to floss your teeth all the way.

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Whether you choose to floss or press, both tools can help you clean your teeth more effectively.

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Post time: Feb-17-2023