Why the water pick does not replace flossing?

Water pick does not replace the flossing.The reason is .. Imagine you don’t clean a toilet for a long time, the toilet got rim of pink or orange slimy stuff around edges, no matter how many times you flush your toilet, that pink or orange slimy stuff will not going to come off. The only way to get it off is you physically manually wipe it off with a sponge or some brushes. Because it’s a very resilient layer of biofilm that doesn’t get removed with simple water pressure.

Dental Equipment

Then, the exact same thing applies to our teeth.The water pick might help flush things out that are just floating around in between our teeth but anything that’s actually stuck to the teeth is not going to get removed with the little water pressure.

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So if you are plaining to use a water pick please remember to flossing as well.

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Post time: Mar-01-2023