The standard of dental health

1. Brushing is whether the bristles stick with blood, whether there is blood on the food when chewing food, can determine whether there is gingivitis.

 Blood on the toothbrush on background of sink.

2. Look in the mirror to see the health of the gums. If there are red and swollen gums and bleeding, you can judge whether there is gingivitis.

The standard of dental health 2   

3.The teeth have different degrees of loosening, root exposure or red and swollen gums, pus, can be judged to have developed to periodontitis

 A portrait of a black African-American man  holding a loose tooth in his hand

4. A large oral breath or bad breath, which can be judged to have periodontitis.

 Have to check before I leave 

5. Seeing cavities in the mirror shows that the oral environment is not optimistic.

 The standard of dental health 5

6. Dental stones and dental stains can be clearly seen, indicating that there are problems in oral cleaning.

Staine teeth in human mouth, she is just 11 years. 

7. With toothache, you can judge the symptoms of gingivitis, pulpitis or periodontitis.

The standard of dental health 7 

8. Have an aching reaction to cold and hot food, indicating that the teeth are allergic.

The standard of dental health 8 

9.Cracks on the surface of the tooth and lack of luster indicate the enamel loss and mineralization of the teeth.

 The standard of dental health 9

If you find your oral teeth appear above 1-3 above symptoms, that your mouth or teeth have for sub-health state, to prevent to prevent oral health deterioration, if 3-6 symptoms, that your mouth and teeth have been in an unhealthy state, must be treated as soon as possible, if 7-9 symptoms, that your oral teeth have a very unhealthy state, must be effective treatment immediately.

The standard of dental health 10

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